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These burgers are <em>out of this world!</em>

Corktown: it’s where you used to get a bite before the Tigers game, and now it will surely be one of the stops Prince Fielder makes on his 37-burger pregame eating-crawl, thanks to Mercury Burger & Bar, a stripped-down-malt-shoppy joint opened by a retired Detroit cop and his partner, a young, daredevil detective named Axel Foley former Troy restauranteur.Decor: Local artist Jerome Ferretti's mural depicting Corktown’s past & present hangs near the bar, which’s covered in 1930s-'40s collector-item Mercury dimes (sooo much better than those worthless Venus nickels) and has the owners' friends’ names letter-pressed into the brushed zinc top. Meanwhile, the outdoor patio's filled in with reclaimed Detroit road bricks and boasts an unreal view of Michigan Central Station, which is just waiting for its bricks to be reclaimed any day now.Eats: Grab fresh-ground, hand-pressed burgs like the S.W. Detroit (topped w/ a chorizo slider, jalapenos & Muenster), or the patty/ pulled pork/ cheddar/ pickles/ slaw/ Slow's BBQ sauce Local -- a name they actually back up, as aside from the Creekstone Farms Kansas beef, everything down to the butter-fried buns is Michigan-made, including gravy & cheese-covered poutine and sweet potato fries w/ sea salt, also advice no one has ever given regarding the Angelina Jolie movie.Brew: In addition to the usual booze suspects, 16 taps swing mostly Michigan, including Saugatuck Brewing Co. ESB Amber, Short's Bellaire Brown, Dragonmead Final Absolution, and a Crooked Tree IPA from Dark Horse, which the Tigers won’t be this year, as it’s very difficult for Prince Fielder to sneak up on anyone.