The world's coolest digital wallet

Though toting your credit cards in a zip-lock sandwich bag is kinda cool & convenient, it pales in comparison to the Geode, a now-available-for-pre-order, Fort Knox-secure digital wallet & iPhone case out of Cambridge that electronically holds all your credit, membership, and Suncoast Video cards, then guards them with its life and/or your fingerprints.

So as not to confuse it with other wallets from the future, it works like this: after scanning your fingerprint with the biometric security reader (purportedly locking it so tight that there's no need to even report missing cards after you lose your phone-wallet), you'll use the same type of fancy detachable credit card slider previously only used by lucky AVIS employees to register your many AmEx Black Cards, or use the phone's camera to capture the bar codes. Once your info is in, you can either use the e-ink barcode display to scan your cards (gym memberships, supermarket saver cards, etc.) or charge boxes of condoms like normal using the removable, universal GeoCard hidden in the case, programmed with all your CC info, and equipped with a security feature that automatically times it out after 20 seconds to avoid it being used if lost.

But wait, what about all those condoms I bought my driver's license, you ask? Not to worry -- it easily slides into a tiny pocket in the back, meaning, unlike your old "wallet", you definitely won't have to bag this one.