Need a latte? Take a number.

If Van Gogh was a such genius, then why didn't he become famous in his lifetime by opening up a Jefferson Park coffee shop in which he could hang his paintings? So is the question posed by the steaming new 2914 Coffee, which's been decorated with its barista/owner's own "graffiti-influenced" collage-style art. So, prepare & memorize compliments that show you "get him", grab a comfy couch seat, and enjoy:

Coffee, duh: Trained by the Italian masters at Amante in Boulder, said artful barista whips up killer espressos & lattes using handpicked roasts sourced from local bean experts Kaladi Brothers (right near DU!), which thankfully lack "the bitter-tasting tars left behind in traditional roasters", like Jeffrey Ross.

Specialty Drinks: Lattes are as easy to find in Mile High as promising but ultimately disappointing sports franchises, but you know what aren't? Twelve-ouncers with espresso shots poured over Ghiradelli chocolate/ cayenne pepper powder and topped with steamed milk (called Akumel), or cups of espresso poured over ice cream called Affogato, which you've agato go try.

Eat Up: Fresh-baked sandwiches are shipped down from Boulder's Spruce Confections and include honey-roast turkey and roast beef with horseradish aioli/ Emmentaler. If you want something sweeter, though, you've agato try that drink, ha! snack on their stash of always-bustling Little Man Ice Cream to avoid the crowds, just like that "genius" Vincent managed to do while alive.