Beers. Brotherhood.

Plenty of people honor a loved one's passing with a beer, but one Austinite is doing it with an entire brewery. Opening its doors to the public this weekend, each of its seven bottle-conditioned Belgian ales commemorate the founder's brother Del, who, from listening to tales of his escapades, was one funky homo sapien.

Using fresh yeast grown in-house and Old World ingredients like floor-malted barley and low alpha Noble Czech hops, each style is conditioned for at least six weeks -- three to ferment, three in-bottle/keg for natural carbonation -- from the blonde Rambler Ale (named after the family car), to the reddish-brown Scratchin' Hippo (a malty-sweet French farmhouse "Bière de Garde" referencing an encounter with an itchy Kenyan 'potamus), to a nutty plum dubbel ale called the Dancin' Monk, obviously honoring a posse of rug-cutting Colombians.

Then there's the Saaz-spiced Black Rhino (which Del hunted... photographically), the hearty Philosopher Saison (for his pondering spirit), the spicy cloved Tripel B (a nod to college years of "girls, parties, road trips, and occasional studies"), and a wit called Naked Nun, referencing a time Colombian clergy gave him a blanket after he was literally robbed of his pants, on the condition that he didn't make a habit out of it.

You'll be able to taste all of these beers at their grand opening. Pay some respect, by getting yourself bottle-conditioned.