Making every day a little brighter, and a little more Green Man-ly

"Everybody Needs a Little Inspiration" might sound like a slogan for a women's deodorant called "Inspiration", but really it's a much bigger truth that applies to us all -- hence the "Everybody" part. No matter what you need inspiration for, graphic novelist Rob Osborne's got you covered with his balls-out-uplifting, "nice, thick" prints. For instance, if you:

Think you're too old to do drugs, but really want to do drugs, snag: Greenman! Why? Because "Greenman moves, he vibes, he trips balls. Greenman makes things happen. He brings an energy. Tap into the smooth, green power of Greenman!".

Feel like you're about to snap, and probably should snap, but are concerned about the repercussions, snag: Macho Man Randy Savage! Whether into a Slim Jim, or in reaction to a 'roided-up dude with bald-guy long hair who wrongly beat him out for the starring role in Mr. Nanny, Macho Man believed that snapping was a good thing.

Want to start doing yoga, but are afraid of your friends who keep saying yoga is for pansies, snag: Star Wars Yoga Galaxy. Is Boba Fett a pansy? No. Darth Vader? Absolutely not. Luke Skywalker? Kind of, but just because he occasionally uses women's deodorant doesn't mean that, when it comes down to saving the universe or making out with his sister, he won't pull his balls out.