Cocktails out of a former brothel

Midnight Cowboy interior

Formerly Dirty 6th's filthiest locale (a title now held by Treasure Island), Midnight Cowboy operated as an actual brothel ("oriental modeling & massage") until it was shuttered by APD a year ago. Now Bill Norris has re-opened it as a reservation-required cocktail den that pays homage to its roots with a red light above the sign-less entrance and a statue they claim to be the patron saint of prostitutes, even though it looks nothing like Charlie Sheen.

The cocktails feature handcrushed ice and are crafted booth-side on dim sum-esque carts, with standouts counting Lindsey's Lament (single-barrel bourbon, Becherovka, maple syrup, salt tincture, orange oils), the Jinx Remover (Legendre Herbsaint, pineapple juice, Hiver Amer, tiki bitters, mint, grated cinnamon), and the TX blue-corn whiskey, mustard syrup, smoked paprika, and ginger brew Joe Buck, who is a filthy male prostitute, and a character in Midnight Cowboy.