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Pizza and sushi, together at last

Have you ever been like, “man, I can’t believe I ate that entire pizza... I really wish I just went for sushi instead, like I promised Jillian Michaels.” Well, now you can have it all, thanks to Piazzetta, a kinda bizarre/very beautiful hybrid-resto in the Acqualina in Sunny Isles, which has two distinct menu sections: pizza/classic Italian food curated by the crew behind NY’s lauded Il Mulino, and all manner of sashimi and rolls, which Jillian Michaels will NOT tolerate! Oh wait, they’re the sushi kind, she likes those.

Grab at seat at Calacatta Gold marble communal tables or cushy floral couches to start on the sushi side, with the spicy mayo-covered lobster roll w/ asparagus & avo, or the Sunomono stuffed w/ conch, octopus, crab & cucumber seaweed. Then, realize you now have plenty of room for a Naples-style pie w/ prosciutto, truffled taleggio, gorg & salami, or the Salmone w/ smoked salmon, ricotta, caramelized red onions, plum tomatoes, and fresh dill... keep back-talking like that, dill, and you're gonna get yourself in a pickle

And because you had that sushi earlier so now you can eat whatever you want, get down on even more Italian-ness like truffle oil-covered ricotta crostini, ground beef-heavy Napolitano lasagna, baked mac & four cheese, and short ribs w/ herb demi, mainly because Nitrous Oxide Demi was still in rehab

Keep your feasting going at home by picking up some comestibles from the in-house, Tuscan-inspired market, including cheese/meat platters, coffee, oils, gelato, and Il Mulino’s famous sauces, but not before you enjoy Italian wines and the Sunny Pomeriggio w/ whiskey, SoCo, OJ, Canton, cherries, pear & basil, plus five other signature cocktails, all of which you’re going to have to down if you wish to be the Biggest Boozer.