Switch homes with someone you trust

Published On 03/20/2012 Published On 03/20/2012

Do the only swaps of interest to you involve the clearly insane wives of Ted Haggard and Gary Busey? Well then you clearly haven't heard of CasaHop, a site that'll recommend like-minded, DTS (Down To Swap) homeowners based on your social media connects, weighing your similar interests, contacts, and backgrounds, because there's no way a fellow Phi Delt would ever trash your place, bro.

Fill in your pad's standard deets (# beds/baths, pet friendly, pics of your friendly pets...), select any pre-populated activities nearby (Mr. Bojangles likes sailing and shopping!), and you're ready to scope potential swaps prioritized by your social media connection with their owner, from mutual FB connections to common Twitter followers. To move forward, simply fire off a message to initiate a convo and hopefully coordinate deets like visit dates and key pickup, something anyone seriously into swapping should be familiar with.

And though not operational for a month, Casa knows it can trust you, so Thrillist readers can pre-upload their digs, be the first to scope the live site, and have a chance at winning $1500 in airfare, sending you about half as high as you'd have to be to stay married to either Gary Busey or Ted Haggard.



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