Next-level 'tails in your apartment

Because trying to make a killer cocktail with whatever's on hand is just a waste of thyme (or time, if you don't even have any herbs), the team behind the Mulberry Project created Bespoke At Home, showing up at your apartment, office, or Hamptons shindig to whip up top-notch tipples using the random ingredients you provide, plus a few essentials (fresh fruits, homemade syrups...) they bring along. To prove their off-the-cuff skills, we had 'em drop by the Thrillist bar to whip up three drinks: one for the Home, one for the Office, and one for That Place You Apparently Go That's Stocked With Aperol And Eggs:"The Bodega": Transforming corner store randomness into a half michelada/half bloody, the Bodega's tequila base is spiced up with Sriracha, tomato soup, pickles & a dash of Baconlube, and if you don't have Baconlube, why don't you have Baconlube?"The Office Tiki": Utilizing some hapless nerd's fruit salad lunch, this rum-based summer sipper boasts notes of OJ, bottled smoothie, and sugar. Oh yeah, and rum."The Anything": Influenced (but not under the) by the unique liquors on hand, this citrusy number incorporates grapefruit bitters, egg white, Aperol, and muddled kiwis, who're easy to pick up after a few Steinlagers.