New York

Never drink the same cocktail twice

A new bar from the Public team, The Daily's open even to those without iPads, keeping things "civically themed" within a compact sedan space whose clubhouse vibe comes courtesy of a wall made entirely of velvet, hanging portraits of old-school community leaders juxtaposed with tabloid headlines, and a raised outdoor patio up front, though a properly raised patio shouldn't spend all its time in the street

Both the cocktail list and innovative pub grub change daily, meaning they'll be returning frequently to their literal Rolodex of 500+ classic tipples (compiled thanks to years of research by barman Naren Young) to come up with the day's five options, whether a John Collins (a Tom with Genever), a Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, or a Sherry Cobbler aimed at reinvigorating the apertif scene... amongst people secure enough to down "Sherry Cobblers" in front of their dates

The aforementioned comestibles come from the brain balls of the Michelin-starred dude behind Saxon + Parole (oh yeah, and Public), and include a whole section of "Nuts" (deep-fried pistachios!); a porktastic banh mi made w/ crispy ears, rillettes, and head terrine; and ultra-seasonal, one-month-a-year, deep-fried whitebait that's turned into Fries with Eyes, which, unlike Hills that have eyes, will only murder your cholesterol

But even those terrified of frequent change should rejoice, as they'll have a more stable list of about a half dozen wines by the glass, four brews (including Narragansett cans), and a wall of whiskeys that arrive w/ ice cubes cut to order from a giant block, which probably has tons of poorly raised patios hanging out around it.

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