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Sausages, pastries, and beer you can't get anywhere else but Germany

Not exactly known as a flaky people, the Teutonic team at Landbrot Bakery & Bar are nonetheless turning out loads of delicious Germanic pastries, plus house sausages and rare beer. The two-floor cafe/bar/bakery (cafbarkery?) softens the marble-bar sleekness of a bistro with quaint mom & pop touches from leather saddle straps to silver flour cans, and strikingly marries the two aesthetics with a stunning, glass-encased dumbwaiter. The breakdown

Nothing destined for the imported Deutschland oven -- neither the pretzels, nor the Berliners (think a marmalade-filled doughnut), nor the double-crusted rye -- is ever premixed, and everything's baked using a special method that keeps the goods soft for days, so... they're forced to stare at photos of Snooki & Deena

Having scoured the country to find the right guy to handle their sausages (it's Manfred, from FL!), Frankfurters and spicy Nurembergers are backed up by specialty sandwiches (ham & Emmental w/ cukes & apple butter), and incredibly thin, bacon/creme fraiche/onion-topped pizzas called "Flaming Pies", which don't use butter, cheese, or jelly unless it's the petroleum variety

Proving Americans aren't the only craft brewers, Brot specializes in Allemagnic ones (Reutberger Export Hell, Schonramer Gold…), and's the only spot outside Germany where you can snag a draught from 350yr-old Hoess Brewery, whose offerings "never leave a bitter aftertaste"... unless you get all upset over the load of sausages they spur you to eat

You better believe they're doing growlers to-go, and soon they'll offer the Landbrot Round: Cologne-style 0.2L pours endlessly replenished until you flip over your coaster. Or the table.