The only possible way to improve Point Break

Published On 03/22/2012 Published On 03/22/2012
    From the awesomely bad (Deep Blue Sea), to the actually bad (Carnosaur), to the just awesome and-not-bad-in-any-way (Blade and Point Break, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise), Drinking Cinema catalogs hand-drawn, semi-ingenious drinking games for "the best/worst films the industry has to offer".

    Created over time by a married team in northern VA, each movie game contains a list of 7-10 events, shots, or other aspects of mis-en-scene that should precipitate a drink, just like listening to someone trying to take themselves seriously when saying "mis-en-scene". Prepare to responsibly sip to stuff like:

    • Knife pull (Roadhouse)
    • Loss of head, or implication thereof (The Running Man)
    • Motherboard virtual tours! (Hackers)
    • Flips switch (Thomas Edison biopic. Just kidding, Over The Top)
    • Two or more nipples (Showgirls)
    • Non-gunshot death (The Punisher)

    And to prove the site FAQ's contention that one need not imbibe to participate in the fun (they claim to have once played along with burgers from White Castle), feast your eyes on the video above to watch a brave young editor attempt to play the Deep Blue Sea game with full tacos, and end up more bloated than a genetically modified shark full of Samuel L Jackson.