Food & Drink

Wanna Donna?

Everybody deserves a second chance, which is why you should be the bigger man, overlook Roberto Donna's past transgressions, and let him make you a literally even bigger man by serving you delicious Italian food at his new joint, La Forchetta.

Back in town after spending some time in Arizona, Donna's running the kitchen (and only the kitchen) at DC's newest trattoria, which's styled "like those found in Rome or Milan" with steel shelving (housing stacked wood for an 800lb pizza oven), concrete countertops with fixed stools, and black chandeliers, all creating a whole "Ferrari-like interior" sure to make all those little kids with only Ferrari beds extremely jealous. Pizzas are highlighted by a fennel & bottarga pie (with pecorino, mozzarella, and grey mullet salted egg), while pastas include a seafood calamarata (with squid, shrimp, mussels, and cherry tomatoes), and mains get meaty with a broccoli rabe/ red chili "Hunger" steak, also an upcoming movie where the children of the future are forced to go to Outback together (only one can survive!). They've got a "boutique selection" of mostly Italian wines, eight drafts, and original cocktails like the "Palazatto" (gin, Prime Arrance, Cocchi Americano), the "Tempesta" (white rum, Velvet Falernum, Chinotto soda), and the moscato/ Cocchi Americano/ bitters "The End of Rico", which is what will happen to the island if their child tribute can't finish a whole Bloomin' Onion fast enough.

And because brunch is the new black, they've got one with an omelette Piemontese (mushrooms, parm, cream of porcini), a spaghetti del pecoraio (sausage & ricotta), and some bombolini, aka fried "sweet dough", which you really shouldn't begrudge a guy for wanting more of if he's also feeding it to you.