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More flip flops than that guy with the great hair


Get ready for a hot Summer by watching every episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles... or by snagging eco-friendly flip flops from Dallas's own Hari Mari, a just-launched lineup designed to "let you be fashionable without taking yourself too seriously".

Straps are made from sustainable hemp, while layered, "foot-forming soles" sport toe pieces made outta memory foam; reprocessed, nylon-topped foam padding coddles the rest of your foot; and dense recycled rubber treads pound the pavement, and not just Crooked Rain either, you bunch of Wowee-Zowee-dissing posers

Like so many Brit-accented '90s rom-coms, the simple color schemes are "hue driven", with white soles held together with a single stripe, and two-tone hemp in combinations from gray & orange to black & blue, which is also the color of your face if you cross Summer Glau. Bring that show back!

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