You’re Invited: DRAMBUIE® Liqueur’s Nail or Fail Bartender Showdown

What:Join DRAMBUIE® Liqueur for a battle of the beverages in honor of the Rusty Nail -- that classic 1960s cocktail made using the iconic libation of herbs and heather honey, proudly representing Broxburn, Scotland ever since a flock of females first picked up a cricket bat (1745, obviously). Guests will bear witness to a mixology matchup of historic proportions, as the best local bartenders compete to see whose remixed DRAMBUIE® Liqueur cocktail reigns supreme.

Where: A place where everyone soon will know your name –- RSVP here to find out where that is

When: Sometime prior to the culmination of the Mayan calendar -– click below for details

Why: Because it's time to take FAIL from the message boards to the streets...or rather, bars