Watch this slideshow with your driving glove down your pants

Gullwing America -- the same San Antonio operation that made asphalt waves with their modernized Mercedes 300SL Panamericana -- is back, and ready to build you a near-undetectable replica of the 1964-65 P/904 Carrera, a Le Mans-winning ride they resurrect by taking a 2nd-gen Boxster provided by the purchaser, cutting away the body, and throwing on their hand-built P/904 shell. If you simply enjoy slobbering over beautiful cars, watch the slideshow above. If you want dirty details, read on

How much of the Boxster do they keep? A lot, actually: the motor, transmission, suspension geometry, dash electronics, and rear spoiler that pops up at high speeds -- besides you behind the wheel, one of the costume's few tells

How do they build the body? They're specially bonding aerospace-grade aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. The body "fits perfectly on the Boxster frame", and on a boxer frame, if one is harassing you and you decide to run him over in your awesome sports car

Any performance upgrades? Set your own ride height/harshness with fully adjustable coil-overs from either Eibach or Spax; slow down better with Brembo front brakes; and boost HP from a stock 291hp up to around 360. The latter's accomplished via converting from fuel injection to carburetion, tossing on a custom exhaust from Italian tube-maestro Capristo, and tweaking the computer (be careful if you buy this, and your name is "Dave")

How do I get it fixed? They'll actually work with your nearest Porsche dealer to train someone on the differences between this and a normal Boxster, so you won't have to travel to San Antonio to keep on being Le Man.