Correction: new <em>badass</em> cocktails at Fifth Floor

Starting today, the Hotel Palomar's fourth-floor-pwning destination resto's unveiling an extensive menu of badass alkie-drinks, each thoughtfully crafted, prepared, and named with an eye towards the past by their self-admitted "drink geek" mixologist, whose collection of old-timey drink recipe books purchased on eBay is so giant, it sometimes stands outside AT&T Park signing autographs and winking at hot chicks. Plus it'll help him make you a mean drink, like the:

New VieuxA fresh take on the Vieux Carre (a rye drink invented in 1938 at New Orleans' Monteleone Hotel and named for what Frenchies called the French Quarter, aka "Old Square"), this pup ditches rye for Cragganmore 12yr Scotch, Darroze Fine Armagnac, Velvet Falernum, Angostura bitters, and Ellestad's Hercules, an in-house vermouth created by a Heaven's Dog bartender who also runs a blog documenting his attempt to make every drink in The Savoy Cocktail Book (admit it, you want to compare it to Julie and Julia too)

Sparrows In The CityDid you know that pisco means "little bird"? Of course you did, you got a "3" on your AP Quechuan exam. And you also probably already know that this drink could use a hilarious Sex and the City joke about pirate Johnny Depp banging Samantha contains Treasure Island-made Oro Torontel pisco, Applejack, lemon, egg white, grenadine, and "atomized bitters" sprayed through a stencil on top in the shape of the ubiquitous bird in the title

Churchill DownsAllegedly, the Manhattan was invented at the Manhattan Club in the 1870s by Dr. Iain Marshall for a banquet hosted by Winston Churchill's mom. Less allegedly, Churchill Downs is where they host the Kentucky Derby. And with their powers combined, they form the Captain Planet of drinks: a Manhattan/Derby combo w/ bourbon, Vya sweet vermouth, Solerno, lime, mint, and a severe distrust of the wussy kid with the power of heart and the monkey

And if those weren't enough, they've got ten others, including one w/ Buddha's Hand-infused tequila and habanero tincture, plus a Clement Rum, lime, blackstrap gastrique, ginger ale whistle wetter featuring a drink-garnishing Campari/gin/lemon juice "adult-friendly Gusher", which you'll probably only try if you're feeling Brave.