Give your throne the royal treatment

Published On 03/23/2012 Published On 03/23/2012

Old people know a lot about bathrooms, both because they spend so much time in them, and because they were around for the gee-willikers excitement of their invention. So it makes sense that the folks at Izola gazed upon antiquity and decided to reverse-evolve, replacing their big-box-destined shower curtains with handcrafted commode-ccoutrement that would be approved of by any octogenarian, thanks to applicable descriptors like "Old World", "utilitarian", and "attention to detail". Stock up on:

Curtains: With rings made from rough polished iron for a "dark, metallic, masculine aesthetic", splash-preventers are cut from soft, mold-resistant poly/cotton canvas, and include over-sized, vintage B&W drawings of everything from Boy Scout badges to mid-century sporting equipment (thankfully not on the same curtain, as Boy Scouts and locker rooms do not mix).

Candles: Tired of overly pungent aromas, they promise a "man won't mind" their six poo-masking scents including Sandalwood, Clary Sage, and Green Moss, which Randy assumes smells like straight cash, homey.

Soaps: Triple-milled and handcrafted in the style of "fine 18th-century toiletries", cleansing bars are made with moisturizing olive oil, and sport cheeky designs like the ursine "Grin & Bear It", advice any old person will give you when it comes to spending all your time on the toilet.



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