Belltown's biggest/newest Mex-taurant

Even if it's true when they say it's all about location, location, location, it's still kind of weird to be taking real estate advice from the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force. Heeding it regardless, the cats behind Belltown's newest Mexican joint, Mestizo Tequila Lounge & Grill.

Nestled in one of the choicest locales (the giant I-shaped space that used to house Twist) in one of the choicest hoods, the 220-seater aims to impress with a massive stone water feature in the hallway, which separates two bar/dining areas both scattered w/ custom tables (including one with a built-in fire pit) and Mexican art, like a faceted statue depicting someone of Mestizo heritage who's part Spanish, part native American, but all MAN-nequin. The not-just-Mexican menu includes mains from Argentina (skirt steak glazed w/ chimichurri sauce), Chile (char-grilled skewers of beef, pork tenderloin, chorizo, etc.), and takes on standard South-of-the-Border fare like tacos w/ boneless beef short ribs, and a watermelon/cucumber/jicama Pacific Yellowtail Tartare, which, judging by its initials, is probably Pretty good. Behind the bar(s) they've got over 150 tequilas, and a slew of signature 'tails like the 'quila/tomato juice-based Bloody Senorita w/ both hot & Worcestershire sauces, and the blueberry vodka/Sprite X-rated Tini, the latter of which isn't how you wanted to be described after appearing in a video that's the former.

Other offerings include house margs (one's called the Papa Smurf!), and a late-night menu that's decked with Mexican-style street eats like nachos and tacos al pastor, which should make your decision to stay until close totally Justified.