Food & Drink

The Drafthouse on Slaughter goes cocktail crazy

Named after an Aztec legend in which the god of agave birthed hundreds of hares who suckled her 400 tequila-filled teats (Spring Break, woo!), 400's a lounge with a candelabra chandelier, cushy black leather booths, and a green velvet ceiling, attached to the new Slaughter Ln Drafthouse, which is not to be confused with the Warrant or Winger Ln Drafthouse.Chow consists of Mexican staples (chicharrones, carnitas tortas, Sonoran bacon-wrapped hot dogs), while drinks include the Jalisco Sour (hibiscus-infused tequila, lime, mint-infused agave nectar, egg white), Me Encanta (silver tequila, mole bitters, orgeat, agave nectar), and the silver tequila/ young coconut water/ falernum/ lime/ bitters La Playa Sunset, which if consumed on South Padre, is complemented by hundreds of tequila-filled teats.