Every once in a while, LA does something right

Los Angeles has produced so much: blockbuster films, The Doors, and the only reason a Portlander would ever hate World Peace. For LA-sourced badassery combining pancakes, booze, and Artests artists, check out -- you’ll never guess this -- the Pancakes & Booze Art Show.

A long-running underground LA party conceived by a dude who had artist buddies, way too much room in his warehouse, and a constant hankering for pancakes, the PB&A show is making its first PDX appearance with promises of work from emerging artists, tons of cocktails, music, everybody's favorite breakfast food other than Boo Berry, and half-naked ladies, who are hopefully also stacked. Walls will be loaded up with 300 works from a diverse roster of 75 area artists, ranging from portrait drawings sourced from Busted! magazine (Rylan Thompson), to collages of rabbits with machine guns (Larry Christensen), to darkly bizarre abstract prints featuring skull-faced characters from a dude named Davey Cadaver, who truly believes that art is dead. Because studies show sober, hungry people hate art, PB&A will also rock your face with a slate of ‘tails and micros, to wash down free flapjacks made to order at a front 'n center station equipped with chocolate chips, strawberries, bananas, and blackberries.

To make the night that much more atmospheric/ naked, the PB&A show will also feature local DJs and unclothed ladies getting body painted in all sorts of artsy ways, meaning you may see a nude on a nude, which would be totally Metta.