Drink in an old funeral home

To truly share an experience with the dead, you need to be spiritual, enlightened, and most likely pretty damn old, otherwise you're just stuck with Widespread Panic. For a bar from a Brouwer's vet who swears he just wants to get you to a better place, check out The Pine Box.Opened in the old funeral home that used to house Chapel, this 120-seater's pouring the same number of beers Larry Bird probably drank with Wade Boggs every night after a victory (33) in a vaulted space decked w/ a U-shaped bar built using shelves that held ashes from the crematorium, and a poster in memory of Bruce Lee, whose funeral was held there in '73. PB's fully boozed, but focused on suds ranging from local (Maritime's Salmon Bay Bitter, the Puget Soundian Dark from Schooner Exact), to Euro (St. Bernardus' Abt. 12), to almost-suds like a HUB Noggin Floggin Barleywine on a Randall tap that boasts an extra chamber, just in case Wu-Tang absentmindedly shows up with 35. Food means personal pizzas like the Cajun tomato-sauced Andouille & Prawn, and the Pulled Pork & Kimchi w/ roasted garlic jalapeno sauce, but those looking for greener pastures can grab salads like the anchovy/soft egg/asiago Roasted Caesar, who likely endured a crack from Brutus about loving to make speeches so much he'd do it with a knife in his back.Future plans call for an Atlantic City-style sign reading "Beer Inside", a covered outdoor beer garden, and weekend brunch, but for now it'll be open daily 'til 2a, unless, of course, the place is, um... dead.