South Broadway wakes up happy

While there's a time for contrived, caffeinated pseudo-milkshakes with flavored syrup, wouldn't it be nice to occasionally hit a coffee shop that focuses on... coffee? Avoid becoming a syrupy two-pump chump at Happy Coffee, a standalone shrine to java purity reincarnated from its past life as a tiny counter inside Salvagetti's. With ash-accented stainless steel, the S Broadway stop pairs a “welcoming, classic” look with the insanely jittery and wired look you'll surely sport after sipping their intentionally limited menu of coffees conceived in an array of crazy machinery. Check out

That Coffee: They primarily source from Portland's Heart Roasters (their “meticulous approach" produces “bright, floral, fruity” roasts!), but you can also cop Seattle's Caffe Ladro and San Fran's Four Barrel & Sightglass. But again, it's just coffee, espressos, cortados, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and lattes

The Machinery: They're armed with a Hario V60 drip machine that looks like a ceramic Madonna cone-bra, a fancy French press-esque AeroPress, and the pourover-making Chemex, which appears to be stolen from a high school science lab. They've also got a "gravity-type system" to make "Iced Toddy", which takes 18hrs to pass through a porcelain filter, and looks a lot like iced coffee to the naked eye, or would, if anyone who'd gone without coffee for 18hrs could keep those open.