THE place to get tots

Because going back to middle school would be hard, and going to the grocery store is pointless until you go back to middle school and learn how to read, the guy from That Burger Tent (now in the Idle Hands/Billy Hurricane's complex) is opening up That Tot Spot, slinging everybody's favorite tater snack at his original location outside Artists and Fleas.The modest setup features "a couple tables and some fryers", all one needs to crisp up specially spiced, abundantly sauced tots, which come in base flavors of sea salt & cracked pepper, spicy Cajun, Crab Spice, and Bacon Spice, so obviously this is a pretty stripped-down operation. After the monumental nugget decision is done with, you'll be set with the Herculean task of choosing a sauce, whether the spicy, blue-cheese-spiked Thousand Island variation called Red Island, BBQ-esque bourbon ketchup that should by no means be drunk, and Crabby Mayo (if it lightened up, it would be a Miracle).Aside from those stalwarts, additional sauces'll rotate weekly, and although they're still under wraps, you can expect simple combinations done with "flair", something that proved very useful during middle school book presentations to cover up the fact you can't read. Speaking of which, how long have you been dumbly staring at this indecipherable jumble of words!?