The greatest way to get from Pub A to Pub B (to Pub C to Pub D...)

Because barhopping in LA is like un-swamping your X-wing fighter on Dagobah (read: very challenging), the Beach Barcycle's here to solve your pub-transporting needs, via a crawl-ready, 15-person, pedal-powered vehicle now serving Santa Monica and Venice, which'll help you get from bar-to-bar without a) walking, or b) having mom wait outside in the Sienna.

Having already established itself in the South Bay, this new West LA mode of taproom-sportation looks like a giant, awning-covered mobile bar counter, except the stools're replaced with bike seats, the foot rails're traded in for pedals, and the bartender and booze are replaced with not a bartender and booze.

Usually, you've gotta rent the whole thing (w/ typical tours going down Main Street or Ocean), but since you'd prefer not to flaunt your actor/Palomino's waiter money, Thrillist Rewards just struck a sweet deal for you and other reader-hombres on April 22nd (Earth Day!) where you'll gets 2hrs worth of $2-$3 cocktail, beer & app specials at bar stops in either Hermosa or SaMo.

Though they're only in the beach cities now, they've also got plans for LA proper, as well as San Diego, WeHo, and Beverly Hills -- where driving around in a Sienna is like accidentally making out with a galactic princess only to realize... she's your sister (read: a bad idea).