Because IKEA is for meatballs

Published On 04/03/2012 Published On 04/03/2012

In need of some furniture? Not furious this isn't actually an overview of the National Organization for Rare Disorders? Well then read on to learn more about Nord, an upmarket line of Scandinavian-style housewares actually handmade in Turkey by a trio of architects who "love to design objects in a simple, functional, and modern way".

To make this email as straightforwardly utilitarian as, say, Scandinavian-style housewares, check out these Nord alternatives to popular IKEA products:

Media Centers: While IKEA's Besta has a variety of mix-n-match particle-board units to choose from, Nord's modular Eske system is made of superior lacquered plywood, and doesn't have the hubris to brag about how awesome it is with a ridiculous Italian accent.

Lighting: The Enkle's recycled wood base means it can be used as either a table or a floor lamp, while IKEA's Vate will force you to admit that you decorated your house with paper lanterns.

Side Tables: While cheap, The Big I's Lack is essentially a portable cubby with a faux "birch effect". The Diamet, though, opens like a school desk to hide your goods from sight, and is made from genuine beech wood, not a rare disorder what with all of those hot butts in bikinis.