Viva Las Camry: Tour de Thrillist Tears Up Vegas

After making mangia and striking up the bowling alley in the City of Angels, Tour de Thrillist -- the five-city road trip remixed by the 2012 Toyota Camry -- has reached its second pit stop: Las Vegas. The mission: show that there's more to Sin City than nickel slots, ill-advised nuptials, and buffets that used to be super-cheap, but now cost more than a wedding. Watch the vid to see asphalt adventurers Matt and Jordan trade in their wheels for wings at Vegas’ Sky Combat Ace, duking it out in the most stratospheric game of laser tag known to man, and learning that actual jets have nothing to do with teenage delinquents on the prowl for Sharks. From there, they land at Dig This, the destroy-it-yourself junkyard where they attempt to destroy each other, bulldozer-style, making the Camry ride to their next destination (Austin, TX) seem even smoother, both because it's a Camry, and because it's not a bulldozer. Which man was the maverick and whose ‘dozer game was bull? Watch the recap video, then enter the Tour de Thrillist Sweepstakes for the chance to blaze these exact same trails yourself, with travel, accommodations, and jet-flying included.

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