A booze cruise from the booze bus people

Inspired by the Magic School Bus episode where it turns amphibious and Ms. Frizzle does mad body shots while cruising around Nassau Harbor, Boomerang's gone bus-to-boat and expanded their fun-time fleet to include The District's first "party yacht"

Manned by a crew of five, the 80-person, 65ft double-decker departs from the Gtown waterfront for three hours of Potomac revelry, where scenic skyline & memorial views will get all blurry thanks to an LED-lit bar complete with its own four-glass "shotski" rig, so yes, they will host your black tie gala. Up top there's a couch-heavy sundeck, while the downstairs dancefloor is lorded over by a DJ spinning (on top of a storage container for life jackets!) beats you'll be unashamed to dance to after getting after maritime-appropriate Coronas, a full bar of standard cocktails, and two frozen drinks: a Red Bull and vodka (but frozen!), and the dark rum/pineapple/coconut "Boom Boom Pow", which'll lead you to all sorts of Taboo acts

If you're like Tiger and prefer a little Privacy, you can rent the entire boat out for you and your friends to avoid having to talk to new people, as long as you're cool with reducing your chances to make like that other Magic School Bus adventure, and get inside someone's body.