Food & Drink

It's right by the beach, boy

Because calling it Bottom Turn felt wrong, the four dudes behind PB's freshest craft cocktail & foodery opted for Duck Dive, then set about gutting/renovating the former Hennessey's and turning it into a new, surf-friendly haven, despite none of them being surfers and/or hailing from New Haven. Or even original Haven.

The Digs: The beach-side-of-Mission corner spot features massive roll-up windows to let that beach air in, a nice patio to dip to when you need to let human air out, a 360-degree rectangular bar, an installation of surfboard cross sections overlaid with pictures of Josh Oldenburg shaping a board, and a 2/3-of-the-wall-spanning photograph of the underside of 2010 Kirstie Alley. Kidding! It's the underside of the PB pier, which actually fits on 2/3 of the wall.

The Food: They'll be rolling out their lengthy menu a few items at a time over the next few weeks, but for now get full on apps like the Trio of Deviled Eggs (crab-stuffed, curried w/ mango chutney & chive with salmon roe) or Dragon Wings (chicken or duck) covered in a spicy chili-honey-lime sauce, sandwiches (the Porchetta with pork tenderloin wrapped in pork belly topped w/ tomato relish/ roasted pepper/ garlic aioli), or dinners, which count a hanger-style steak served with tomato jam and crispy “stealth fries” that ironically, will make it easier for people to see you.

The Booze: They're running 40 taps headed up by crafts like Lost Abbey Lost & Found & Ballast Point Sculpin, 25 vinos, a lucky 13 booze drinks including The Gentleman's Cocktail (Glenlivet 12yr, sweet vermouth, Amaretto Disarrono, bitters & absinthe), and a white Russian nod called The Jeffrey Lebowski. Plus, if you really want to impress your high school self, check out their bottled Strawberry Daiquiri/ Fuzzy Navel wine coolers -- though if your friends see you drinking them, you might end up doing some ducking and diving yourself.