Make your home a more pleasant place to never leave

Mpls's newest decor depot, Forage Modern Workshop wants to create an environment where "shopping becomes a movement", but thankfully requires none of that from you, as they're online only. They plan to have their East Lake showroom finished by June, but for now, relax and kick up your feet as you browse way nicer tables upon which to kick up your feet. The modern furnishings run from local (SquareD, Eastvold, Loll) to global (Duffy London, Mini Modern), with some of the best including:

1. Water Buffalo Head: Detroit-based Bend offers "trophy heads made from metal not animals", which must be hard to hunt given how wiry they look.

2. Birdcage Lamp: NYC's Huckduck industrial lighting fixture resembles, well, a birdcage.

3. Machinist Stool: Not to be confused with what Christian Bale only produced every other week whilst getting mad skinny for that flick, Industry West's reprod 19th century factory stool comes in seven colors and has the option of a wooden seat.

4. Modern Wood Slab Side Table: From local outfit Norsk, the most gentle chainsaw enthusiast you're likely to meet, this stump cross-section's got hairpin legs, and is sealed with 100% organic natural oil.

5. Hausfire: Arizona's Modfire produced this ethanol-fueled, sculptural indoor fireplace.

6. MN Shelf: This vintage joint actually sold out in their one day of being open... but it's just nice to know that something this cool is out there. Goes to show, though, you gotta hop on this stuff quick -- their inventory moves, even if you don't.