You'll want to be higher than everyone else

Just because rock is the music of the people doesn't mean you have to listen to it packed in among them. The people tend to be gross. So you should ideally check out Firefly -- the East Coast's newest and biggest music festival -- from one of the mid-set hot air balloon rides they're offering.

The preferred vehicles of sappy dudes and cowardly Oz-wizards everywhere are primed and ready to float you high above road-tripable Dover International Speedway, which from July 20th-22nd, will host a just-announced lineup including The Black Keys, The Killers, Death Cab, Cake, Lupe Fiasco, and Jack White, who you'll only be 1000ft away from up in the air, so you should still wear sunglasses when looking directly at him. While it'll be hard to take your eyes off the stage, the ride'll also give you a great vantage point to figure out where you want to camp, which, at Firefly, is called "glamping" (seriously, glamour camping), and includes luxury tents that'd make Xerxes jealous (queen beds, sheets & linens, indoor & outdoor furniture), private shower trailers & air-conditioned restrooms, and an exclusive Glamping Lounge with a bar & breakfast buffet. You'll also be able to scout out the best route to "The Brewery" (the craft beer tent), "The Vineyard" (a pop-up wine bar), an interactive art gallery, and the honest-to-goodness arcade (full of skee ball, foos ball, and pinball) you'll hit after forcing yourself to spend 3-5mins at the interactive art gallery.

On sale now, three-day passes start sub-$200 for casual festival-goers, and run up to considerably more for "Super VIPs" that want extras like "golf cart concierges between stages", catered daily meals, and on-site massages, meaning that even if you opt to watch from a balloon and skip the typical standing-in-a-field, you can still get someone up on your shoulders.