Try to container yourself!

While they're primarily used as set pieces for movies where Marky Mark has to illegally smuggle goods to save his troubled brother-in-law, shipping containers apparently have another function: accenting bars, as evidenced by Fairgrounds, which's replacing Das Bullpen to bring the "outdoor party" to Nats Stadium.

Constructed entirely of 90+ refurbished, brightly painted shipping crates, the open air setup looks sort of like God was playing with Legos, and contains (!) three elongated wraparound bars, one main music stage, and space for over 20 food trucks. Everyone from Red Hook, to Surfside, to the new Bayou truck will be there to feed your pre-game hunger, while the bars'll prepare you for three hours of depressing underperformance with domestic bottles, frozen margaritas, hurricanes, and Red Bull/ vodka slushies. If you're not big on baseball, the site'll also be hosting the monthly Truckeroo series, weekly farmers' markets every Thursday & Sunday, and a monthly music festival (through Sept) featuring country and Southern rock, so expect DC to have even more Gov't Mules than normal.

In the future, they also plan to get all Eastern Market-y by having vendors (be they local artists or national retailers) actually selling out of individual containers, as opposed to just selling out, because Marky Mark's got that covered already.