Food & Drink

A classy pizza post from the BOCADO boys

Named after the first letters of the owners' three kids' names, STG is officially opening Monday, to sling traditional Neapolitan pies and additional Italian-ness from a minimalist space with an open kitchen housing two 5000lb, Naples-imported, wood-burning ovens, a horseshoe-shaped communal table, and a front patio with cream umbrellas, which would also look at home in a white room. With black curtains. Near the station.

Get small plates like pork meatballs w/ tomato sugo, or braised octopus served w/ cannelloni beans & preserved lemon gremolata, then go for toast dishes, from exotic picks like veal tongue w/ marinated anchovies, to veggie-topped versions w/ roasted 'shrooms, pickled onion, and whipped lardo, so feel free to joke with the waiter about how he's bringing fatback

Thereafter you'll fill up on pizzas that're either "classic" (tomato/ mozz/ coppa/ basil) or "house" creations like a disease that can only be sorted out if you take a lot of pain medication and infuriate Omar Epps with your swashbuckling attitude towards medical norms lamb sausage w/ ricotta salata & mint, and Sicilian sausage w/ rapini, plus noodled dishes like linguine w/ littleneck clams, and guanciale (pig-cheek bacon) w/ bucatini, or hollowed-out spaghetti

There's also an arched brick walk-in wine cellar housing 100+ bottles you can buy at retail to go, or have poured into temp-controlled draft carafes. On top of that, BOCADO mixologist David Durnell is running the aperitif-based "Amaro Bar", at which he's crafting buzzers like the lemon juice/ wine/ tonic/ absinthe Reviver Pop, which unfortunately does not feel free, mainly because you have to pay for it.