Soup on wheels

Proving grandmothers can pass down more than just an enduring sense of guilt, Soup in the Loop's a new food truck whose founding brothers' grandmother was renowned for her soup skills, so yeah, they come from good... genes? WRONG! Good stock.

Speaking of stock, all of theirs is steadfastly homemade, with the six daily offerings set to include four mainstays: rotisserie'd-bird Chicken & Wild Rice; also-rotisserie Chicken Noodle; a Vegetable Medley packed with a dozen of 'em (carrots, cabbage, green beans...); and the sausage-heavy Italian Stew, far more tasteful than the locker room after an Azzuri loss. The other two slots will be filled out with choices ranging from chilled gazpacho, to white chili w/ chicken & jalapeno, to cream of asparagus, though you'll be able to have a say in what's offered on a given day by voting on their website, where thankfully none of the candidates will pepper you with a canned speech.

Purchases come with your choice of a daily-baked roll, and soon there'll be a bicycle loaded onto the truck for handling group deliveries within downtown, perfect for those days you don't have time to sneak out for lunch, which must be all of them according to your grandmother, considering you never even have 10 minutes to call.