Food & Drink

Arguably the best tacos not involving Doritos. Arguably.

For Latin so for real it's produced more no-hitters than legitimate birth certificates, hit up BlueCat, a sunny, 35-seat BYO that's essentially a windowed patio along Fairmount, all made possible by a former Le Bec-Fin pastry chef and a dude who used to cook for the Russian mob, so you know the food's going to be the creme de la kremlin

Edibles carry a feline theme (literally every menu section has the word cat in it… catwiches, cat n'apps, etc.), and lead off with soups (black bean w/ onion & lime, spicy green chile con posole w/ fire-roasted veggies, hominy, and pork riblets) and starters, which include potato croquettes stuffed w/ braised chicken & peas, and empanadas packed w/ spinach/Oaxaca or beef/raisins/olive capers, also what the Hardy Boys solve in The Case Of The Not Really Unlimited Breadsticks

Bigger dishes include a line of meat'wiches like a Chilean Chacareros (w/ muenster, avocado & chicken/beef) and overstuffed fish tacos (think heaping cod filets) on top of housemade blue corn tortillas, plus entrees (the "Cat's Meow", 'natch) like an oxtail stew simmered in red wine & veal stock, which has plummeted following the most recent subpar quarterly earnings report

And because you totally finished all of your veggies (!), you'll get to dive into desserts like an orange blossom flan and bread pudding infused with coconut rum, which your softball team's fully bearded shortstop with three kids swears he can't eat because he's only 17.