Give your ears some wood

If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? It does if it gets turned into a set of Meze's sick wooden headphones, developed by a team of musicians, designers, and sound engineers to kick the dulcetest of tones from their hand-carved ebony earcups. Made in the EU and loaded with "high-end" tech/passive noise isolation qualities, you can just now pre-order one of their three debut models, each designed for a particular breed of listener, not to be confused with Breeders listeners, which is at this point is just one guy named Steve.

For the true audiophile, their top-of-the-line 88s offer a "warm and natural sound" (because, you see, wood is natural... this should all be making sense by now), and feature a suspension headband for a perfect fit and "prolonged listening comfort".

With a lightweight polycarb headband that folds in on itself for easy storage and transport, the mid-sized 76s technically include Andre Iguodala, but he plays bigger than he is are perfect for style-conscious DJs, maintaining a full and "natural balanced tone".

The most portable of the bunch, the 55s fold up in a "very practical way", and boast a slim profile that makes them "ideal for street-wise music lovers", who can now really sport wood.