A speaker that only you can hear

Not just what Nitro says to his American Gladiator buddy when he asks "Dude, Nitro, which of the five senses is your favorite?", Soundlazer is also a new, checkbook-sized speaker outta Burbank that emits sound sorta like a laser, so only the person standing directly in front of the speaker can hear it. It's the type of gadget that'll totally come in handy the next time you're...

Using a phone sex hotline and don't want your girlfriend to know: Equipped with a 1/4in input, the speaker can keep your hands free for other more important matters by plugging into pretty much anything with a headphone jack (including your iPhone, Droid, or hot pink Motorola Razr), while still being way more covert than using speakerphone.

Waking up early to use a phone sex hotline and still don't want to your girlfriend to know: Thanks to a tilt-able stand, you can actually point the thing directly at your pillow so only you hear your phone's custom Step by Step theme song alarm in the morning.

Listening to Harry Potter books on tape at your desk and don't want your boss to know: Not only will this little device's directional audio keep your boss from hearing it, but it's got a 20-30ft range so you can be all the way over at the water cooler and STILL be totally engrossed in whether or not Hermione will ever tame that hair of hers (spoiler alert: yes!).

Listening to All-4-One and don't want anyone to know: The inventor swears (by the moon, and the stars in the sky) that even if you're standing close by, as long as you're to the side of the speaker's beam you're literally going to hear nothing, though you should still be able to taste, touch, see, and smell stuff.