Say hello to San Francisco's first 'za trailer

Trailers are usually used to haul around a bunch of crap. Oh, and horses. And now 'za (!), thanks to the brick-oven-equipped All Good Pizza, soft-opening tomorrow and permanently parking in a 7000sqft, Hey Dude-ified beer garden w/ cacti, wooden picnic tables, and dozens of painted horseshoes -- so even though you’re stuffing your face, you still might get lucky.

Run by a guy and a girl whose very meta job is as CEO of a business that helps women start their own businesses, All Good will unleash 650 gas-powered-degrees on hyper-locally sourced eight-slicers featuring ingredient groupings like pesto, red potato, and roasted garlic; Louisiana hot links, mixed peppers, and fennel; or thyme, grana, garlic, truffle salt, and mixed mushrooms, or why the paramedics had to take Luigi to Dr. Mario. Using an attached 8'x4' smoker, they'll also be making their own sausages (i.e. those LA hots, chicken chorizo, and Italian garlic), and they'll be pressing paninis like the Nola Muffaletta (Genoa salami, ham, housemade olive salad, fior di latte mozz, provolone) or their take on the Cubano, which's topped with gruyere, house pickled onions, cornichons, aioli, and smoked ham, which, after Darvin shattered that backboard, all the Texas Tech cheerleaders probably did.

Soon-ish, they'll also be adding Straus Family ice cream, which they'll use for floats and a grape-soda'd Purple Cow, also the unfortunate nickname of the Williams College co-ed your face-stuffing managed to attract. Lucky you!