Everything you need on tiny wheels, sold to you by not-snobs

Published On 04/05/2012 Published On 04/05/2012
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1. Flywheel Skate & Style 2032 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

There's nothing worse than buying a skateboard and getting looked down on by the 12yr-old shop owner, except having him beat you up when you ask for rollerblades. Avoid both predicaments at Flywheel Skate & Style, an Alberta shop just opened by a lifelong roller derby bruiser that stocks everything you need for boarding, derbying, and roller hockeying, and specifically designed its interview process to weed out condescending losers (booo, condescending losers!!) and hire people who're legitimately interested in getting others involved in rollersports (yayyy, those people!!).