Rodeo-Kill: Tour de Thrillist Tears Up Austin

Austin, Texas: home to North America’s largest urban bat population, birthplace and adopted surname of an extremely frigid, late '90s wrestling icon -- and now -- the third victim of Tour de Thrillist, the bicoastal, challenge-filled 2012 Toyota Camry road trip that you could soon be taking yourself

Fresh off a Sin City stop, our roving hosts Matt Zaller and Jordan Morris write and record road odes at East Side Music, whose longtime rival West Side Music seems to have mysteriously disappeared save a slew of posthumous mix tapes and a legacy of geographically specific hand gestures. From there, our “knights in shining Camry” gear up for a pan-Asian food truck rumble, teaming up with Yumé Burger and East Side King to prepare a feast for a flock of Texans with appetites as big as the hair of similarly large groups of seagulls. Which anthem hit more sour notes than a fading diva belting the Star-Spangled Banner, and whose meal on wheels burned rubber? The only way to know is to click below

While you’re at it, enter the Tour de Thrillist Sweepstakes for the chance to hit up all five Tour destinations, complete with all of the adrenaline-pumping, intensely intestinal action you’ve seen here -- all with travel and sweet accommodations from our friends at Airbnb included.