Congrats: it's your new favorite bar!

Finally open on Melrose, Pour Vous is the latest and greatest from the lauded La Descarga/Harvard & Stone dudes, who've totally reworked the old 40 Deuce room into an intimate space with a turn-of-the-century "Paris feeling", which Rick Salomon's pretty familiar with.The space is separated into four main parts: a lengthy marble bar to the left, w/ antiqued mirrors and a steampunk-ified vintage espresso maker rejiggered to pour four tap beers; a sunken seating area to the right, w/ plush velvet couches and a fireplace under a domed skylight; a formerly working train trolley (!) that's been refurbished into a backyard smoking area; and a Titanic-esque back w/ studded banquettes & a radio that looks crazy-old, which's sad, 'cause Cuba's only, like, 44.Tipples're obviously top notch, w/ insanely fresh specialty thirst-quenchers including the L'Indochinois (Bonal, lime, Creole Shrubb, simple syrup, cucumber & Thai basil), the Le Samurai (Armagnac, Framboise, simple syrup & rhubarb bitters), plus the apple brandy, cognac & orange bitters Menage a Trois, which's also doused in cane syrup, which Abel never, ever should've touched.Though the doors are open tonight, they're encouraging anyone who doesn't already have an in with them to wait 'til Monday, at which point they'll be more apt to take both walk-ins and reservations for groups of eight or more, which Rick Salomon would be more familiar with if Paris weren't such a prude.