These bags'll take a beating

Published On 04/11/2012 Published On 04/11/2012

Having spent the last 10yrs making "super-burly, overbuilt" backpacks for wildfire rescue teams, Montana's Nargear is entering the civilian market with a trio of "adventure packs" that, while specifically designed for hardcore snow sports, are so versatile they can be used by anyone hardcore enough to... wear a backpack! Endorsed and rigorously tested by a team of heli-boarders & BASE-jumpers from Anchorage to Auckland, each model's double-stitched w/ military-spec parachute harness thread, and meets specific demands "on the mountain", but that doesn't mean you can't find something to do with them right now, whether it's:

The Theo: A 28" tall "guide pack" designed for a certain "bad-ass, supa-core mountain bro" (guess his name!?), the Theo's a good bet for backwoods trekking during the non-wintery months as well, with removable fiberglass frame stays that can be used for "emergency bone splints!".

The Sledhead: This "medium-sized" rig's modular board-carrying system, ice axe/shovel holsters, and built-in whistle are perfect for the slopes, but its 2000 cubic inches are also ideal for your rigorous Summer festival schedule, with a waterproof laptop case, an H2O-system compatible frame, and slot for the shovel you'll use to bury the drugged-up hippies you ice axed to death for obnoxiously playing with your built-in whistle.

The Narski Mini: "Perfect for the minimalist", who's probably too busy appreciating that this sentence isn't super-burly and overbuilt to care it doesn't include an alternate bag use.