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Dude, Where's My (Flying) Car?

This year's NY International Auto Show hosted some of the auto industry's hottest of rods. Fortunately for you, we dropped by to assemble all of the coolest stuff, including a street-legal flying car. And yes, it is absurd. So sit back, relax, and remove your tie so it doesn't get covered in drool while you gaze upon the latest and greatest... ways to totally bankrupt yourself.

Shockingly under $300K, the street-legal, FAA-approved Transition Roadable Aircraft requires only a sport pilot license.
In flight mode, it can reach 115mph and make it 490 miles on a single tank, the proving of which may require using the airframe parachute.
Dedicated golf club storage!
Who are you kidding, AMG, you'll never be able to fly!
After a few years out of production, this 640hp, V10 beast is Chrysler's most powerful model yet.
592 horsepower. 0-125 in 8.9 seconds. One epic pants soiling.
The latest model of Lexus' halo car tops out at 202mph thanks to a 5.8-liter V10.
Pros: an electric/gas hybrid that can go 0-62mph in sub-5 seconds. Cons: an electric/gas hybrid that can't go 0-62 in sub-4 seconds.
Boasting 525hp and hitting 60 in 3.5s, this is the same model Lady Gaga is currently learning to drive in, because she hates attention.
Just like Mary Steenburgen, this car is both mad old and shockingly hot.
One of only 100 to be built, Shelby's 1000 is only 50 horsepower shy of hitting that very number.
One of only 100 to be built, Shelby's 1000 is only 50 horsepower shy of hitting that very number.
Nissan's new NYC cabs feature odor-resistant fabrics, a transparent roof panel, USB charging ports, and an electrical outlet. Unfortunately, they are not any of the previous cars.

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