Bro-therly Love: Tour de Thrillist Takes on Philadelphia

There's only one way to honor the city of cracked bells and cheesesteaks: falling down and overeating. Watch as Tour de Thrillist -- the road trip remixed by the 2012 Toyota Camry -- hits Philadelphia and does just that, then enter to follow in our highway heroes' tread-tracks on a paid-for road trip of your own. After belting out road trip anthems and fighting with food trucks in Austin, Matt and Jordan emerge from their Camry itching to stretch, and possibly break their legs, at Exit Skateboard Shop, where they gear up for an ollie-popping showdown at Pops Skate Park. From there, our Thrilladelphians challenge each other to Jake’s Sandwich Board’s 5-Pound Philly Challenge, a monstrous 45min meal, three pounds of which are nothing but sandwich -- with no complimentary bottles of digestion-aiding pink goo in sight. Curious to know whose skating was inshredable, and whose brief competitive eating career got flushed down the tubes? Scope the video above to find out. Think you’re tough enough take on the halfpipe and almost a half-dozen pounds of food? Then enter the Tour de Thrillist Sweepstakes for the chance to experience all this Philly fun, along with the other Tour destinations, for yourself -- travel and sweet Airbnb accommodations on us.