A contemporary diner in Streeterville

Updating a classic is a risky move, potentially leaving diehard fans of the original Jonesing to see your head roll, preferably out of a cave where it was cut off by one in a series of awesomely elaborate traps built to protect the Holy Grail. Thankfully, George Lucas isn't involved in Eggy's, the Custom House folks' modern take on the mid-century diner where track-lit, power-outlet-equipped tables are clustered around an open kitchen sporting an old-fashioned soda fountain, so yes, abstaining from its tasty charms will require substantial moxie.

Breakfast -- from cornmeal waffles w/ maple-glazed pork belly to pancakes studded w/ Snickers, M&Ms and Butterfingers -- lasts all day, while lunchier fare includes fried bologna sandwiches w/ griddled onions, and a signature burger topped w/ pastrami, house pickles, and "Eggy sauce", which unlike regular sauce ironically won't leave your judgment scrambled. Dinner, meanwhile, will consist of a nightly rotating family-style three-courser, with planned mains including pork schnitzel w/ herb spatzel, fried chicken & mashed potatoes, and roast leg of lamb w/ salsa verde and corona beans that'll make you imagine you're on a secluded beach sitting next to a super hot chick. And also, you're farting.

Don't forget to save room for sweets, which'll count chocolate sea salt brownies, fennel-ginger ice cream sodas, and NY-style egg creams, something George Lucas is probably used to at the premiere of pretty much any classic franchise he attempts to update.