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Dating one person is booooring

Digitally poking around SD first, DinnerDate's a soon-to-be-national dating service aiming to remove the pressure of one-on-one awkwardness and the insincerity of online communication by setting up opt-in/ three-course/ group dinner dates where the ratio's always even and your portion of the bill's been paid ahead of time. Based on a brief questionnaire, they'll invite you to freely choose from a selection of specific gatherings of “like-minded” individuals in your preferred age range, though they won't give you a visual preview of the 6-12-person guest list so as to keep the surprise element of a blind date, but not elements of the show Blind Date, as yours are depressing enough without a Roger Lodge recap.

Wondering what your dating conversations will sound like? Well luckily for you, we backed our way into the future, and pulled snippets of possible convos during dates in different neighborhoods like:

North Park: "Like I was saying, I just redid the entire interior of my car in reclaimed wood from a barn in Mexico. What's that? No, the workers were unionized, I made sure. Wait, one sec, (talking to another group) did you guys just say you like the band Sleigh Bells? Ha, maybe in 2009, tourists. Sorry, what was I saying? Oh yeah -- if this kale isn't locally foraged, I'm going to flip the f*** out."

Ocean Beach: "You look beautiful. Though that may just be because I ate three brownies, wink, wink, on the way over to this dinner. Anyway, like we were discussing about the Harpua at Red Rocks in '97… oh, we weren't discussing that? Here, just eat this brownie, wink, wink."

La Jolla: “So I keep my horses at this stable in Rancho, but they just started some ridiculous program to let poor children ride for free, and they're probably going to steal them or something. No, I'm just kidding (silently mouths: No I'm really not). If my father doesn't buy the place, I have to move them back to our stables, and, as you can imagine, that's just a logistical nightmare. Not for me, of course, but for Hector, our groundskeeper. So what do you do?”

If the opportunity arises, you're free to ask for numbers or give out your own, but those who will inherit the earth can use DinnerDate's simple, post-date messaging system if they think discreet invites to their Lodge-ings are more likely to be met with a Roger.