Sit Back and Un-Wine: The 2012 Passport to Vinho Verde, San Francisco

This summer, make a special new friend without putting ads out on the Internet, with the third annual Passport to Vinho Verde: an opportunity for SF-ers to get intimate with the vibrant wine through exclusive events, offers, and more

For the full month of June, Vinho Verde will be partnering with top San Francisco restos and wine shops for one-of-a-kind special offers and menu match-ups. You'll thus have a prime, wallet-friendly opportunity to experience the young, sometimes sparkly flavors of northwestern Portugal. Without a doubt, you'll find Vinho Verde so versatile with pairings, you'll want to set it up with your sister, whose own internet ad describes her as "kind of difficult". Click below get the lowdown on what deals are good in your 'hood, starting Fri, June 1st.