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East Meets Best: Sapporo Premium Beer

Sapporo Premium was born from the innovative world-bridging of German beer expertise and Japanese craftsmanship, so it’s only natural that it’s the brew to reach for after a day spent making innovations (world-bridging, or even just office-bridging) of your own

Crafted with select hops and barley in a brewing process that’s perpetually honed to perfection, Sapporo Premium offers a crisp and refreshing taste that -- unlike swallowing enough cinnamon to severely test a man's mortality (who knew?) -- is always mouth-friendly. And because 136 years gives you the experience necessary to handle any situation with enviable sure-handedness, Sapporo Premium pairs well with all manners of cuisine. Also, so your eyes won't be too envious of your taste buds, Sapporo’s rolling out a stylishly streamlined new design, coming to a field of vision near you, this summer 2012

Discover all the ways you can have your Sapporo Premium beer and pair it too, with food recipes + more on, then get better acquainted with the worldly brew and the fans that love it, by giving ‘em a “Like” on Facebook.

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