Hendrick's Presents: Voyages into the Unusual

WHAT: Dearest quaffer: Open your mind, unfasten your senses and join Hendrick’s for Voyages into the Unusual, an odd spectacle that ventures beyond what is known and explores the highly curious world that is neither round nor entirely flat. Bringing their collection of curious happenings to Houston -- which have included complimentary sampling soirees, mixology tutorials, bartender brunch pairings, and more surprises -- it’s safe to assume that your interest will be piqued, your beverage spiked, and…well, given the curious nature of everything, it’s not safe to assume much more.WHERE: San Francisco, CaliforniaWHEN: June 20th-21st, 2012WHY: Because you never know what sort of curious happenings Hendrick’s will bring with them to San Francisco -- unless you RSVP to attend