The cigar smoker's home away from home

Since membership in the ultimate cigar club requires marrying a Cuban, opt for a group whose dues don't include personal liberties, and check out Bolivar Cigar Lounge. Helmed by an Armenian family of lifelong tobacco dealers whose patriarch seems to know pretty much everyone there is to know who's famous/powerful/generally impressive, Bolivar just moved from a spot neighboring AMOA to the Four Seasons Residences building on Cesar Chavez, where they've secured what they claim is Austin's only indoor smoking license. Appointed with plush leather furniture and members-only humidor lockers that they're burning through faster than -- well, faster than cigars, which you're kinda supposed to savor -- the retreat has fresh stock arriving daily, with standouts like their private label Arman (available in the form of 10yr-aged, medium-bodied Dominicans or a limited reserve of full-bodied, extra-peppery Hondurans); spicy Padrons with tobacco grown in Nicaragua's red volcanic soil; and exclusive Honduran Nazareths, whose tobacco can't promise you the afterlife, but does deliver a sweeter aftertaste due to having been grown on former sugarcane plots.They'll soon offer a wide selection of accessories including luxe lighters from Dupont, as well a full bar available to members -- meaning those guys will start hanging around Bolivar so much, pretty soon they won't be married to anybody.